Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4 download torrent

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Apache OpenOffice is an office suite alternatives powerful and reliable for Microsoft Office. And most importantly, it is free.

One-stop-shop for ofisiApache OpenOffice word processor (think Word), spreadsheet (Excel), a tool for creating presentations (like PowerPoint), editor database (Access), a drawing tool (color), and all formula mhariri.Vipengele Apache OpenOffice provides a variety of tools and options. This program is also fully compatible with any system documents.

Despite the obstacles created in OpenOffice interfaceMoja early is the interface, which was developed under other office suites. But now face bears more resemblance to Microsoft Office, and attractive and the Home screen icons menus.Kutoka you can get six main applications: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. The menu is well organized and allows instant access to any form or document hitaji.Kama your choices are a regular user, OpenOffice meets most of the requirements document creation and editing. But one of the characteristics of the standout of OpenOffice can add new templates and extensions, which means you can customize each program to your liking.

mbadalaOpenOffice High quality is a complete office suite, with free nature does not guarantee continuous addition of various materials and templates. the best choice.

Apache OpenOffice OpenOffice org 4