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MKVToolnix is ​​a free tool for examining, inspecting and convert Matroska video file format. DU Meter 7 Matroska one container format most advanced and capable of supporting subtitles, multiple streams of sound, menus DVD-like and more without the files MKV, no problem . other big advantage of Matroska is that it also saves disk space and yet still offers much higher quality imahe.MKVToolnix is ​​very easy to use. It can be used for displaying and adding audio tracks and subtitles or simply check the integrity of a file just by browsing to it. Once you browse to a file, you can choose which issues you want to change or modify using the General Track Options, Format Options Special or Extra Options depending on what you need. To change things, you need to click Start ChuXing option.If use MKV Matroska format regularly and need to modify files, then MKVToolnix is ​​a simple tool and quick to help.


MKVToolnix 8 8