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Slim is a first person horror game, where your only goal is to find eight manuscript slender man, about supernatural beings. It follows previous game called slender man, which was based on a similar theme, but it was not so scary and successful.

What is history? Mit slender slim just started as a rumor, and has been popularized as an Internet meme. The story goes that slender man mythical creature often depicted as a tall figure, thin, wearing a black suit and legend twarz.Według clean, slender man can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle on attachments the back. Slim people can lead to memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing (sometimes called “slendersickness”), violation of photos and video, and can teleport at will.

How to play the game room smukłychPodstawowym more directly come into contact with the thin man, the faster it drains well. So, please be careful not to look at the enemy for too long, and it must be remembered, that the torch is being limited battery so you should turn it off from time to time to keep it. In addition, the more you go, the smaller the maximum power, so you have to go out only when it arises potrzeba.Czy scary? Slim does well to create an atmosphere in a game completely terrible very basic. It seems to me, only you, and the sound of crickets chirping flashlight like fumbling their way through the forest in search of manuscripts. Nevertheless, the overall goal of collecting 8 pages are very limited, so the gameplay more control ograniczona.Elementy for the game are simple:

Mouse – Look

W, A, S, D – Move

Left Shift – Sprint

Left mouse button – page Meeting

Right mouse button – Flashlight

Q E – increase / outProblemy technicznePamiętaj, WinRAR or WinZip have unzip the downloaded gier.Od slender slim was released, a number of additional revenue with varying degrees of quality.
We tested in the state Softonic, to see which one is the worst, so make sure to check out how they are getting on: horror WniosekSlender remarkable is worth trying, have you ever heard of the myth of a slender man .


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