Milesa Milinković, Executive Director (person with disability) has graduated studies of pedagogy, master of gender studies and she is currently a PhD student of gender studies. She is also educated in film directing. She is coordinator of projects that we implement. During the basic studies she was president of the Novi Sad Association of Students with Disabilities and she interned in the Provincial Institute for Gender Equality. She is certified trainer for assertiveness training and peer educator for gender based violence. Fields of interest: gender equality, improving the social status of persons with disabilities (with an emphasis on women with disabilities), inclusive education, feminist theory of disability. Her scholarly work “Disability and Gender” was published in the Proceedings of scientific works “Introduction to gender theory” published by ACIMSI Center for Gender Studies and the Mediterranean Publishing. She has directed two documentaries on the theme of women with disabilities.


Nebojša Vujković Cvijin, is Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M. El. Comp. Eng.), also educated in film making. His duties are within the technical and logistical support, shooting and editing of all films that Parnassus independently and in partnership implemented.  Technical Director of Film Festival Seize this day with me.
He is the lecturer of modern media workshops, cinematographer, editor. Responsible for logistical support, maintenance of electronic equipment and software in the organization. He is also a long distance runner.


Zoran Cvetković, PhD of the Drama arts in the field of film studies. He is director at Television Vojvodina, Novi Sad. He was a director of many documentary films and he was a member of jury on many film and theater festivals.


Jelena Radović (person with disability) master of law


Čedomir Cicović (person with disability) master of Philosophy


Đurđa Lili Horvat compleded elementary school in Temerin, and secondary economic school in Novi Sad. In 2003 enrolled pedagogy studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. She has worked with children in “Cvrcak” (Cricket) drama workshop for the past seven years. She is the author of “Girl plays football too”, a collection of dramatic texts for children. Since 2010 when she first started writing play scrips, several plays were brought to stage and were well received by audiences in Serbia and Croatia. She completed a three-month course in basics on film language and was a co-writer and co-director of a short film titled “I’m looking for a job”. She does film and photo editing as a hobby. She lives in Temerin and works as a personal assistant in Backi Jarak elementary school. She is married and has a son, Nikola.